Travel platforms are working on wellbeing solutions to capitalise on the industry’s welfare trend

Keeping a close eye on traveller health and wellbeing is a requirement for any company, but in many it is not necessarily something that is top of its agenda. Whether it is flying staff into a risky environment, or multiple successive international trips there is a duty of care, but this is not always obviously visible, especially when it comes to fatigue and the mental health of employees.

Perhaps one of the reasons is this is all very subjective and can differ significantly from one member of staff to another. So far, discussions about employee and traveller wellbeing have not been particularly data-driven, but technology platforms are seeing this as an opportunity to bring solutions to the market.

On such solution is from Airfare price assurance provider FairFly. Aviel Siman-Tov, its CEO and co-founder, says that by analysing traveller itineraries and the millions of data points it already process, it is delivering a solution HR and travel managers have been screaming out for… “true data-driven insights into the health and wellbeing of each and every one of their business travellers”.

FairFly says it has already helped companies save on average USD675 per booking and just over 5% of their air spend, including a saving of USD4,139 on a single PNR, but is now extending its activities with a new wellness solution that promises to increase “retention, happiness, productivity and assuring the well-being” of travelling colleagues for travel managers and HR departments.

FairFly Wellness monitors travel quality and the impacts it has on health and well-being by department and even down to each individual traveller. It is based on algorithms already successfully used for its airfare price assurance solution, which tracks and compares prices on identical, similar, or better flights through the major GDSs.

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