‘Moxy’ – the paper airline that could be the blueprint for future start-ups

The global march of the LCC model has fundamentally changed the airline business model. Not since the dawn of the jet age has there been such indelible change across the sector. But, as legacy airlines have adapted and LCCs themselves have mutated to keep up with changing trends, we are now approaching what could be the next industry disruption, and it is a famous and successful airline entrepreneur who hopes to lead the revolution.

It is clear to say that many of the industry’s oldest airlines were slow to react to the arrival of the LCC model. Born out of the United States of America (USA) but now prevalent across almost all of the world, like a contagious virus, it has caused ill effects to airlines across its path. Those quickest to see the threat have suffered only minor wounds and have modified their own business models to compete, others continue to struggle against new younger rivals, while the weakest have already been confined to the history books.

Many of the LCCs that were born with low cost at the heart of very business decision have now morphed into a hybrid model, which effectively has become the new standard for short-haul travel across the world. Likewise, the legacy airlines have adopted many of their traits and resulted in a blurring between the two models in an unbundled world where the consumer is now able to choose what product offerings they require from a wide menu of choice.

It is this commoditised world that could ultimately provided the differentiation for the next wave of disruption and serial airline start-up entrepreneur David Neeleman is already working on what could be the blueprint for the next generation airline model.

Across the world many airlines are already adopting new processes and technological developments with the experiences with the LCC revolution still fresh. It is clear airlines will not be slow to react to the next major disruption to the business model and will adapt to the marketplace. The question is, will they be able to compete with a brand new blueprint for the business?

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