Mobile phones could be the tool to change African consumer airline buying habits

You don’t have to go far to witness the increased dependence on mobile technology. At home, on the way to work, travelling for business or pleasure, or even in the workplace, mobile technology has changed the way we function on a daily basis. The digital age delivers new exciting opportunities for industry to better interface with consumers and looking at airlines in particular delivers a new powerful channels to secure revenue, through ticket sales and by utilising technology to provide a better, and more personal customer experience.

In Africa the value of the mobile phone is perhaps more important than in any other area of the world and the hand-held device could become the tool that delivers a major change in consumer buying habits. The problem airlines have faced in Africa for the long time is the limited use of personal computers, the platform that ultimately helped Low Cost Carriers (LCCs) to proliferate across the world with their own direct booking channels.

The digital divide isn’t history yet and Africa has been catching up quickly with more and more cyber cafés connecting towns to the global information highway as used computers have increasingly become available at affordable prices. Internet penetration in Africa at the end of 2017 was slightly more than a third (35.2%), according to estimates, versus 58.4% across the rest of the world.

The African figure is increasingly being driven upwards through the use of mobile phones and across sub-Saharan Africa it is believed that more of the population now have access to a mobile phone than have an electricity supply. They have become commonplace even in the continent’s poorest countries.

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