IAG home helps to keep low cost brand on the straight and level

Whether low cost brand LEVEL does eventually gain its own Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) or continues its model of operational production units, its newly appointed CEO Vincent Hodder is certain that the business would struggle to exist if it didn’t have the backing of the International Airline Group (IAG) and its airline partners.

In one of his first interviews since taking up the role, he told Maslen Aviation Consultancy on the sidelines of the recent CAPA -Centre for Aviation Low Cost Long Haul Summit that LEVEL sitting within the IAG structure is essential for its development. He said IAG sees LEVEL as a test bed for new technologies and business models, something that is clearly evident in the multiple models that support its activities in Spain, France and Austria, while for its long haul operations IAG provides the short haul feed to make the routes work.

Right now, despite now having its own CEO, LEVEL remains just a brand operating as an airline management company. “If you think about the customer being at the centre of what LEVEL is about and around the customer we build the brand, the commercial offering, the customer experience – all the way through from search and booking on the website to the airport experience, the travel experience and beyond – that’s the full responsibility of LEVEL as the airline management company,” explains Mr Hodder.

LEVEL aims to build a “customer centric, technologically enabled, airline business model of the future,” according to Mr Hodder, which will “break that vertical integrated chain so traditional in the airline industry which locks you into a particular way of operating, a particular way of delivering the product”. It deliberately separates the airline management company from the operating production units and they are very different in each of its markets.

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