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Maslen Aviation Consultancy has worked with our friends at CAPA – Centre for Aviation to produce a couple of special stories on The Blue Swan Daily platform for the holiday season. We hope you enjoy them…

Flying kid-free – now there’s a solution on the horizon

In 2016 a survey of long haul airline passengers found that 73.4% of them would prefer to fly in a cabin which was free of infants and children. Another 11.9% would definitely fly on an airline that guaranteed that there were no children at all on their flight. The remainder travel miserably with children.

And even of that remaining 15%, 8.3% of parents would prefer it if they could give their children to someone else to look after during their flight. This inspired Etihad Airways for example to provide a partial solution last year with its “nannies” who welcomed children onto their flights, then provided some support along the journey.

Now it appears that Boeing have taken these customer needs to heart. The Blue Swan Daily can reveal that a large group of parents, Parents in Flight, has been working with aircraft OEM engineers to create a prototype play area for children that can be fitted and customised for onboard a range of different aircraft types. And Boeing is first to the party.

The Child Relaxation, Amusement and Sensory Home (CRASH) will provide a sound-proofed area within the aircraft cabin that will allow children to relax or play without impacting the comfort of other passengers, and allowing parents to relax while onboard the aircraft.

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Newly formed Putin Airways to undertake a round the world non-stop commercial flight

At the Farnborough Airshow earlier this year, a then-undisclosed Russian buyer ordered a single Airbus A500M. At the time the purchaser was a complete mystery, but it has since been disclosed that it was no other than aviation geek, Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin.

The aircraft will form the core of a new commercial airline focused on the carriage of VVIPs who are keen to experience unique aerial feats, in the company of a distinguished world leader. Strict privacy will be maintained throughout all flights. “What happens onboard, stays onboard,” a spokesman maintained, although he did warn that like all things nowadays any footage may be opened to being hacked.

Vlad has reportedly acquired the modified aircraft in order to demonstrate to the world the outstanding and versatility of its leaders. According to Mr Putin, he will personally command the flight, dressed only in hunting shorts and photoshopped physique.

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